Austin, Texas is a really cool city. But you know what the best thing about Austin is? We know how to eat. Breakfast tacos, barbecue, food trucks, and everything in between, we’re serious about grubbing. Our food scene is diverse, quirky, and constantly evolving. So let’s talk about it.

Every month we’ll talk to someone in the local food industry about what they do and how they do it.


Episode 6: Tiny Pies

Amanda Bates, co-owner of Tiny Pies, discusses working with family, the importance of research, and the zen of pies.

Episode 5: Quack’s Bakery

Aaron Frausto, manager of Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery, talks about how baked good make the go ’round, how to avoid Red Dye #7, and what’s it’s like to grow up with your customers.

Episode 4: La Patisserie

Soraiya Nagree, owner and founder of La Patisserie, talks all things French, building a business from your kitchen, and what it takes to make the perfect macaron.

Episode 3: The Peached Tortilla

Eric Silverstein, founder and owner of The Peached Tortilla, chops it up about the current state of the Austin hospitality industry.

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